Klima Kids is a community building program working with youth and adults to support recycling, water preservation and energy use through engaging effective activities. We give parents and young people all tools necessary to help preserve the environment!

In addition to the events and programs targeted at families, we provide materials to schools in disadvantaged areas of Berlin and deliver project weeks and summer schools for early grades.


We teach children about renewable forms of power generation and how they work. Additionally, they learn how to responsibly use resources and save energy in everyday situations.


Families learn about the impact of oil on fresh water reserves through a half day kayak tour on the Muggelsee and we show them how to protect water by properly discarding oils, paint, et cetera, to preserve Berlin’s beautiful waterways.


Children and families learn about consumption, upcycling and a circular economy. Together with Trennstadt and the BSR, they can find out how recycling works and how to upcycle different materials.

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