About Us

Camp Group is a think and do tank helping communities solve pressing social problems. Camp Group gGmbH was founded in 2013 as an umbrella organisation uniting two major projects, RespAct and BoxGirls International. Founded by Ashoka fellow Heather Cameron, Camp Group has been recognized by the BMW Foundation with a Young Leader Prize, by Chancellor Angela Merkel with a Start Social Special Prize of the Chancellor, Hauptstadt Prize, UN Year of Physical Activity and Peace National Project and a Google Impact Prize. 

So far, we have worked closely with local government to pilot projects working with refugee children in urban schools and have provided many workshops on capacity building for other neighbourhood NGOs. We have partnered with the Bundesumweltamt and Berlin Senate for Urban Development to develop guidebooks for educators and sport coaches to develop more democratic and participatory mehtods in their schools and clubs. In addition to the local German work, Camp Group has worked with the GIZ – German International Development Agency – and with the Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation to develop tools and curricula around girls participatory education in South Africa and Afghanistan and about sports for development and organizational capacity building around Impact measurement, child protection, resilicency and innovative team practices in 6 partner countries around the world.