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Contact us to join the school project group, in which children learn about the meaning of nature as a habitat for humans, flora and fauna, as well as soil and water, and how we can protect it. By means of hands-on events like taking soil- and water samples, planting flowers or building insect hotels, dead hedges, earthworm boxes and nest boxes, children will be getting an insight on environmentalism and they learn what they can do for a sustainable and green tomorrow.

As part of the project group, the children learn about topics such as recycling, water and solar energy. Furthermore, parents and children get the opportunity to take part in themed excursion, for example water exploration or to the recycling manifactury Textilhafen. The latter works on supplying homeless people with seasonally appropriate clothing and offering free clothing items in clothin store at the central station with the help of textile donations. To support this cause, we collect clothing and textiles for a donation.

Now YOU too can become a ClimateKid!

Climate change is a topic that can cause uncertainty and fear in children and adults alike. Many children want to do something and be active and parents also want to contribute something to their kids’ future. Even if it sometimes doesn’t seem effective, increased environmental and nature awareness can make all the difference.

The Klimakids modules provide the necessary means to contribute to the fight against climate change. The detailed reports from our project management on the creation and planning of the Klimakids projects are a helpful guide to offer institutions such as family centers, daycare centers and schools a first starting point.