Family Center Activities

Lichtenberg Family Center

Under the guidance of the staff at the Family Center and Kathrin Najasek (Coordinator of ClimateKids), a total of 10 children, aged 5-7 (pre-school), have participated in our projects focusing on topics such as upcycling and recycling, solar energy, and electricity and water.

In the implementation of the projects, we have collaborated with:

Team (including leadership) of the daycare, Family Center’s parent circle, Textilhafen (City Mission)

So far, 3 workshops have been conceptualized and planned for the Lichtenberg Family Center on the topics of recycling and upcycling, solar energy, and water. These include, for example, a parent-child excursion to the Textilhafen (Textile Harbor) and an exploration of the Spree river, as well as participation in the daycare’s water festival with the Family Center’s own booth to showcase the Climate Kids projects.

As part of the first workshop on May 23rd (9:30 AM – 11:30 AM), we went to the forest to collect and sort trash, which we later intended to re- or upcycle. Together with the children, we brainstormed ideas for potential upcycling projects, which we then put into action. Among other things, we transformed sponges into water toss balls, TetraPaks into flower vases, and plastic bottles into watering aids. To wrap up, we played a game of tin can throwing using our new water-soaked sponges.

The second workshop on June 16th (9:30 AM – 11:30 AM) revolved around the topic of solar and energy. First, we discussed in a circle what electricity actually is, why we need it, where our light comes from, and what clean and dirty energy are. Building on that, the task was then given to find ‘energy monsters’ within the family center and identify areas where we can save more energy. Using a memory game, pairs of energy-consuming items and electricity-free alternatives were identified, and in the end, windmills were crafted from recycled materials.

In the third workshop on the topic of water on August 28th (9:30 AM – 11:30 AM), we discussed the significance of water and the various daily uses of it. Additionally, we spoke about the aquatic environment, specifically the pond ecosystem. In order to protect it, we learned how to properly separate waste and how to construct a water filter to maintain water quality. Furthermore, the children explored the water cycle and the importance of water conservation in daily life.